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I was having an asstastic day, when suddenly there was a knock at the door. The dollheart dress, wig, and shoes I ordered arrived. Eudora is frickin divine!

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Out of boredom comes productivity!

I've had My Melody in pieces for months and months. My plan was to re-chip her, add lashes, re-body her, and finally get her wig glued on...today I finished it!
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Look who came today!

My new dolly!

I didn't have the energy to do a full photoshoot because I'm coming down with a cold, but she's ridiculously adorable. I think I'm going to call her Posie.

Aye yai yai!

So back again, my doll love rejuvenated after having a funtabulous time with my dear friend yuhime , Leeke has to go and make the world's cutest elephant bjd. I thought I needed the dollzone elly just because it was an elly...but Leeke has made one that has the most ridiculously adorable elephant head possible.

I feel like the companies I love are trying way too hard to get my money this year. I had planned on going to Volks in LA to do a FCS for my birthday, but the list of dolls I want keeps getting bigger and bigger; I feel like I did when I was brand spanking new to dolls...it's overwhelming! So let's take a look at what's driving me nuts.

Iple Eva, Evan, Ryan, and Efreet
Fairyland pukipuki body for my bear head I have floating around
Dollheart Winola or Neva dress

Kagamine Rin
The entire Dollte Porte set

Aye yai yai yai...I need less wants(or a hell of a lot more money)!

Mine mine mine!

So I am getting my very first SD sized doll slash my very first Peakswoods...I snagged one of the LE Wake Up Cues and I'm sooooooo stoked!!!


I need to find her some clothes, too. I'm so bad about not investing in clothes for my bjds. My Jun Planning/Groove dolls all have ridiculous numbers of clothing but my pukipuki Ruby is the only bjd with a complete outfit. Lucyboo, my Volks Lillie just needs some underpants...but yeah, I really need to get on that since I have nothing SD sized. But woohoo! I'm still excited about her :D

Monster High Bandwagon

So I jumped on the Monster High Bandwagon today. I bought Lagoona Blue and Clawdeen Wolf and they are the cutest things! I love how articulated their bodies are. Unfortunately, I lost Lagoona's leg fins within an hour of opening her but I still luf her to bits. Clawdeen is a total diva. She's been in an attitude-y talk to the hand pose ever since I deboxed her. I have to say it's nice to have a cheap doll fix to fill the void in my heart from lack of funds for newer dolls.

By the way, is it possible to post pics from flickr anymore? They changed it up and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it without using the blog feature.

Monkey and me being harhar

Monkey, originally uploaded by The Little Bear.

Here's my Monkey Monster!

I'm having a "weird" day. I put the weird in quotation marks because I'm the one being weird. For instance, I bought this nail polish from Sally's. The brand is Orly, but everytime I looked at it, I read "ORLY?" as in chatspeak. I even said it out loud. Todd's been playing Dead Rising 2, and when I heard gunshots, I said "Pew pew pew" on several occasions. I played a little Dragon Age, and when Alistair gave my character a rose, I blushed in real life. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but let's hope I'm slightly less weird tomorrow. I'm scheduled to do my eight hours of observation in a local ER and I don't want people thinking I'm nuts.

Hello again, strangers!

I'm alive and doing my biannual "I'm rejoining the community after inactivity" thing again. Me, my boyfriend, and my folks spent the summer moving into their forever home. It's a total money pit but it's nice that I have a permanent residency for the first time in like 8yrs. I'm in school to be an EMT now. It's going not too shabby, I need to study more but it's all good. I got a new puppy, she's the funniest looking thing ever. I'll post pics soon. I've been in a funk lately so I'm hoping that getting back into my doll photography and talking to you fine people with get me hyped up again =)

Now I'm off to go insert comments into all your journals :P

She's here! It's here! So happy!

I only have a moment to post so here's some quickies:
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